Media announcement

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday Aug.11th) I’ll be doing a radio tour with the Premiere Radio Network, in studio with Colonel Charles Halt joining me on the phone. The following stations will be participating:
9:00 am WTBX, Duluth, MN
9:10 WLVQ Columbus
9:20 WTDR Birmingham
9:30 WMJI Cleveland
9:40 WMZQ Washington DC
9:50 WBAL Baltimore
10:00 KQRS Minneapolis/St.Paul
10:10 KQRC Kansas City
10:20 WHEB-WGIR-WMXR-KROCK Boston-Portsmouth
10:30 KLPX Tucson
10:40 WLDI West Palm Beach
10:50 WRLT Nashville
11:00 KLOS Los Angeles