On this page I will be posting supplemental videos, papers, recommended books and other materials that pertain specifically to the Surviving Death text. This will allow you to expand your knowledge and connection to sections or topics that are of particular interest. I will be adding to this page continuously over time, so please check back - a lot more is to come! — Leslie Kean

A talk by physical medium Stewart Alexander

A talk by physical medium Stewart Alexander presented at the Zwanenhof Centre in Zenderen, Holland, on Dec. 4, 2016.  In an informal setting, Stewart describes his development as a physical medium from its beginnings over forty years ago through the present. He shares his insights about what he has learned, who he has met along the way, and what this extraordinary journey has meant to him. Thanks to Eddy Huisman at Zwanenhof for providing the videos.

To learn more about Stewart Alexander, visit his website by clicking here

Part – 1

Part – 2