"Astounding! With her usual scientific precision and insatiable curiosity, Leslie Kean is our Orpheus, descending into the Netherworld to grapple with the most ancient of mysteries and return with inspiring evidence -- death shall have no dominion."
Ralph Blumenthal, investigative reporter, author of Miracle at Sing Sing

"With a keen eye and a no-nonsense approach, investigative journalist Leslie Kean explores what the actual data tells us about the question of survival past death. Examining many phenomena and case studies with penetrating depth and insight, Kean lets the evidence speak for itself. She takes us on an engaging, personal, and transformative journey that challenges the skeptic and informs us all."
 —Harold E. Puthoff, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin

"Surviving Death is a thoughtful and at times startling exploration of the afterlife. As a skeptical journalist, Leslie Kean is uniquely equipped to examine and evaluate the evidence for survival of consciousness. After encountering a rash of impossible facts and startling personal experiences, her conclusion is unequivocal: We are woefully ignorant of what happens after death, but it is very likely that something interesting happens rather than nothing. A refreshingly careful and candid review."
Dean Radin, PhD, author of Supernormal and The Conscious Universe

"In addressing the most important question facing all of us, Kean has synthesized data from both a wide variety of credible sources and from her own exploration of seemingly unexplainable personal observations. After decades of research into this topic, I believe the preponderance of the evidence indicates that we survive death. But far more important is that I urge everyone to read Surviving Death, engage in their own quest, and decide for themselves."
John B. Alexander, PhD, Colonel USA Ret., author of Future War and UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities

"What a wonderful-and clarifying-opportunity to have someone with the reportorial skills and integrity of Leslie Kean explore the trouble-fraught subject of life after death. A quiet revolution is brewing today in the intellectual treatment of paranormal topics; Kean and this book are at the center of it."
Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award-winning author of Occult America and One Simple Idea

"Kean imparts her own interactions with experiencers, witnesses, and psychics. To all of this, she brings a commendable level-headedness, and an awareness of what it takes to make the case. For reasons she argues clearly though she never expresses it quite this way, only an ultimately self-defeating rejection on principle, specifics be damned, will stop the reader from conceding that, whatever their ultimate meaning, these experiences almost certainly defy current knowledge."
Jerome Clark, Fortean Times

Leslie Kean’s compelling and well-researched Surviving Death poses a real conundrum for a scientific community that flatly rejects evidence suggesting that consciousness survives death. Scientists who reflexively repudiate any phenomena that defy the laws of physics and biology must now come to terms with copious empirical data in Surviving Death that their current paradigms cannot accommodate. They will now have to revise those paradigms as necessary, no matter how uncomfortable that endeavor may be.
Bruce Sheiman, author of An Atheist Defends Religion

Leslie Kean’s Surviving Death is a wonderfully readable, carefully constructed summary of the evidence for the existence of what is colloquially called an “afterlife”. . . She has done us all a significant service by writing an entertaining, highly readable book that also has the capability of stimulating readers to think and to reflect hard on these topics that are critical in both a personal and a scientific sense.
The Journal of Scientific Exploration